Infrared Sauna

Why Infrared Sauna vs. Traditional Sauna?
Our Clearlight Premier sauna is constructed of basswood, equipped with a Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to music or a podcast, and has a colored light chromotherapy component.


Initial Introductory Session $20

Individual Session $30

Two-Person Session $24/person

Five Individual Sessions $130 - no expiration

Ten Individual Sessions $240 - no expiration

Special Introductory Monthly Individual Membership (up to 12 visits/month) $189

In a traditional sauna, the body sweats in a superficial, topical, cooling reaction to being in a hot environment.  In a far infrared sauna, the bio-identical far infrared heat penetrates deep into the tissues, slightly raising the body’s core temperature, causing the body to sweat like it does during intense exercise.  This sweat is coming from a deeper place and in turn, creates a deeper form of detoxification than is found in a traditional box-of-hot-rocks sauna.  Infrared heat penetrates the tissue up to 1 ½ inches and begins a process of expelling stagnant substances that have accumulated in the body.  On a cellular level, the body feels the same elevated circulation, warmth, and energy that is usually felt only from exercise.

As you sit in the infrared sauna, your blood vessels open, muscles relax, pain starts to subside and the body starts to actively heal. This is an important concept that’s often misunderstood and overlooked. Our modern life, with all its demands with technology and sensory input, keeps us in a constant state of “fight or flight.” We were never designed to stay in this place all the time, but rather only for shorter periods to help us get out of bad situations. Chronic “fight or flight” can keep us feeling chronically tired, anxious or sick. Research has shown that the main benefits of infrared sauna sessions are muscle and joint pain relief, decreased inflammation, weight loss and increased metabolism, immune system boost and improved heart health, detoxification,  improve skin and reduced stress/fatigue.

source:  www.healwithheat.com